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11/04/2016 New NeoEE Patch released!
We are proud to announce the release of our new NeoEE patch (EEC)/ (AOC)! It comes with various improvements to the interface, lobby and gameplay. Check out the Download section for the latest installer and the release notes!

If you experience any problems during installation, feel free to ask for help in the forums or write us at!

11/20/2013 Empire Earth get-together!
On 11/29/2013 NeoEE lobby will officially release. Be part of the biggest Empire Earth multiplayer party and celebrate the return of the most epic real time strategy game in history. Fight some glorious battles with many other players of any skill level: from newcomer to veteran.

Meet old friends from unworried childhood days. Discover an old but timeless classic that still hasn't found a coequal successor or rediscover it in a dimension everybody thought it got lost: Multiplayer!

Just download and install the patch and join us for free.